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18 Dec 1787


Welcome to New Jersey, Trails To The Past, a member of TrailsToThePast.org.

I am Charlie  and I am the Temporary State Administrator for New Jersey, Trails To The Past.). If you are interested in becoming the state Administrator for this site, please contact me.

The purpose of New Jersey, Trails To The Past is to provide a site dedicated to New Jersey history and genealogy by focusing on New Jersey  families. Similar sites seem to focus on collecting data like census, cemeteries, wills, military records, etc. This is excellant, but with this approach the site could have information on the same person in multiple places. Our goal is to provide family group pages (FGP) that will link all of these pages in one location. For example, John Doe has a family group page which contains information from census data, his tombstone, his will, and a biography. With our approach, the FGP would contain links to each of these sources. Plus each source (if part of this site) will have a link to his FGP. Our hope is that this will make researching our site easier for our visitors.

This site is dedicated to those who have been part of New Jersey History and Genealogy. This will include people who have never lived in New Jersey, but their ancestors or descendants lived / married / died here.

There is no limits on the number of generations of "Non - New JErsey people" that can be listed on the website because they all have ties to state. Again, our hope is to make researching our site easier for our visitors.

With this site, there  may not be specific sites for each county. There are a few counties that have been adopted. There will be links to those sites, but the majority of New Jersey counties will not have specific sites. There will be data that is county specific such as census data and cemetery listings. That data will be listed  under a county sub-folder, but will only be accessable from the state page.

Please bookmark this site and come back for visits. Hopefully, we will be able to assist your research.

Charlie Vines


Daryl John Lytton  Donald LeRoy Kelly

In keeping with the policy of providing free information on the Internet, data may be used by non-commercial entities. These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or for presentation by other persons or organizations. This site may NOT be linked to from a pay site. All data submitted to the New Jersey Trails To The Past remains copyright by the submitter.

If there are any questions, please e-mail the New Jersey, Trails To The Past Administrator.

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